Vivify In the Shoppes at Legacy

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the art on Saturday at the Vivify Offices in the Shops at Legacy.  We had around three hundred people in all.  Everyone seemed to have a great time hanging out, enjoying the art, music and conversation.


A lot of art was purchased!  Thank you and the Art conspiracy thanks you for the support (this was a fund raiser). Thank you to Vivify Health for hosting. Thank you to Thirsty Canvas for putting all the details together!

It’s always fun for me to see people enjoying the art I make.  It is after all really a form of “Experience Design” as people find something in the art that they can connect to and enjoy.  It happens every time and this is time was no exception.  There was plenty of excitement when people see the big smart phone monoliths. Then the smiles as they spot familiar objects and images. And touching it is automatic.  no one asks permission and no one can resist.  Just the way I like it.

Tons of great photos from the show.  I’m posting a few here.


For the benefit of Art Conspiracy There will be a show Saturday at The Shops at Legacy The tech artists will all be there Roger Belveal, Desmond Blair, what a scene See paint and metal, lights, and canvas, course concrete and sculpture made from real fire In this way virtual themes enter the world

The celebrated MyPhoneHenge at Vivify on Saturday at Bishop Road Therapeutic Smile will sing with Anna Thomas following, don’t be late Sponsor Thirsty Canvas assures the public This production will be second to none And of course there’s a bar there’s a bar

The band begins at five o-clock But come at noon to browse the art without a sound. The art for sale will demonstrate and ArtCon will appreciate the purchase round. Having been some days in preparation A splendid time is guaranteed for all And tonight Mr. B’s are topping the bill

(If this seems weird try some background music)


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