O-Feet and O-Spacers, O yeah

You may have noticed MySparcLine comes with little O-Rings. O-Feet_grnC

O-Rings installed at the three touch points serve as rubber feet making resting on a surface soft & quiet. Additional O-Rings can be applied as spacers to improve the fit with devices of varying sizes.   This may be helpful for very thin devices which are not in a case or for devices with a curved bottom side.  Devices inside cases may tend to fit better without the O-Rings.


Experiment and have fun! It’s your SparcLine!

2 thoughts on “O-Feet and O-Spacers, O yeah”

  1. I received My Sparcline “Heartbeat” love it.
    This was offered on Kickstarter.
    Thank you for the additional piece.

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