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A Favorite Machine: The Typewriter!

An installment in the “My Favorite Machine” series.

Interesting spot on CBS Sunday Morning last week about the love of typewriters for the sensory experience they provide. Many writers feel it gives them a boost to creativity.  Some say setting aside the computer for a while in favor of the noisy old obsolete typewriter with all of its clicks, dings, and kinetic feedback has been prescribed by their therapist as a cure or writers block.  Hmmm.  Maybe there is something here to be learned about user experience design.

Typewriter Renaissance

Of course, I have been saying for some time now that IT people as a lot are sensory-deprived.  This condition, once afflicting mainly IT professionals, now appears to be plaguing this entire generation.  In spite of all the rich media we enjoy, partaking in the virtual leaves a gap in our sensory experience.  Some sensory cravings for touch, sight, and sound simply cannot be satisfied in the world behind the glass. Here is more evidence to that effect. Seems like there’s a product or product enhancement in there somewhere.

I created a Facebook page title My Favorite Machine just for collecting stories and images of great Favorite Machines.  This example definitely qualifies as one!

– roger