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Sparcline for IPhone 6 and 6+ Available Now!


MySparcline  design is a  Responsive to work with IPhone 6, 6+, or virtually any smart phone or tablet, with or without a case.


Actually, I worked really hard to make these things Apple-screw proof.  i got burned once by incorporating a power cord in a previous design – Then they changed the connector!   These babies will work great on smart phones and tablets of virtually any size and brand.


– roger

TechXpressionism in Mesquite TX

DSC_0001Yesterday was the reception of the Texas Sculpture Association Art show in Mesquite, TX.  A nice show, great bunch of people.  Pleasant surroundings.


I like taking photos at events like this. It’s a great way to take in the event. People are a little s kiddish about being in photos, however, I have found that if you shoot enough photos, which you can do now that film is free, after a while people just ignore you, which is perfect.


Each audience is different. This one is a more traditional artsy crowd, mainly people my age and older. It is clear that this crowd is challenged by my brand of techy-themed art and the fact that MySparcline crossed the boundary into functional objects, the forbidden zone of art.


Art establishment people typically express some Luddite sentiments. It was apparent here. So I am in the double dog house. It is a funny thing to feel the pressure from having colored outside the lines when among artists moire than from other crowds. How ironic is that?


Still, it is my goal to participate in as broad a collection of art and technology venues as will have me. And presently, there is no shortage of takers, actually more than i am able to keep up with. So, I am a happy camper. Say TechXpressinism three times. Cheers!


The guitarist’s amplifier should have been in the show. The way its owner relies on it and and appreciates the experience of using it certainly puts it into the category of Favorite machines.

– roger

Roughly More Minimalism

It occurred to me that MyPhoneStone that has a plug for an IPhone didn’t necessarily need a surface to lean against. So, I went for a little more low profile look. What d’ya think?

Like the others, it still has the deliberately rough aesthetic. That probably won’t change for a while, though someday you might be surprised that I do have a taste for extreme minimalism too. Just not yet, Not now. I am still pretty much in the anti-slick rebellion and there is so much to say and do with it.

What you are likely to see is a migration from the utterly rough to an intense industrial motif that is only slightly rough just by way of materials and manufacturing methods.  That’s not the same as the very rough, some say “crude”, finish that I have been doing, but it is still a strong contrast to the slick glass and brushed titanium electronic motif.

At some point you may see me launch an actual product, I mean using mass production methods and all.  Then you should expect me to aim for a minimalist and highly functional design, one that aesthetically offers some contemplative novelty.  It won’t be a rebeelion against the slick, but perhaps may still poke fun at the seriousness of the electronic aesthetic.  I will aim for a rich design, yet the celebration of endless deliberate and random variation of the unique works of art that is these pieces, will of course be impossible unless, ……  Hmmm. that gives me an idea…..

If you are still reading this, I am impressed.

–       roger