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Sculptechular Show in Frisco is a Hit! Wrapping up the large pieces this week


A great time at the show.   A new audience became acquainted with TechXpressionism and i was asked to be on the panel  of selected artist talking about their work.  Wonderful time sharing thoughts with these talented individuals.


My mention of our digital culture becoming sensory deprived in terms of physical interaction  seemed to strike chord with everyone.  We are all geeks these days.  It’s fun when those images come out from behind the glass and into our real space.


The show runs just a few more days.  See http://www.friscodiscoverycenter.com/index.php/events/sculptechular-2014/


One of my favorite pieces from the show.   i love the mix of tech and painterly textures.   And it is quite a clever use of a junction box.   I learned this was not actually in the show, but is part of the permanent exhibit at the Frisco Arts Center.

– roger

In the Spotlight at the Dallas Indie Festival

Belveal Tech-Expressionist Art is getting the heavy spotlight from the press coverage of the Dallas Indie festival. http://www.whiterocklakeweekly.com/view/full_story/25244361/article-Bath-House-to-host-Dallas-Indie-Festival

The Producer is planning to introduce me and talk about my art at the introduction to the film festival.  I am being treated as the icon for the blending of art, technology, and media, which is a primary theme of the event.   naturally, I’m pretty pleased to get to cross those boundaries and have a new mix of an audience view and respond to my work.

You all are invited!

– roger

Great Show

thank you to everyone who came out to see the art on Saturday at the Vivify Offices in the Shops at Legacy.  We had around three hundred people in all.  Everyone seemed to have a great time hanging out, enjoying the art, music and conversation.

A lot of art was purchased!  Thank you and the Art conspiracy thanks you for the support (this was a fund raiser). Thank you to Vivify Health for hosting. Thank you to Thirsty Canvas for putting all the details together!

It’s always fun for me to see people enjoying the art I make.  It is after all really a form of “Experience Design” as people find something in the art that they can connect to and enjoy.  It happens every time and this is time was no exception.  There was plenty of excitement when people see the big smart phone monoliths. Then the smiles as they spot familiar objects and images. And touching it is automatic.  no one asks permission and no one can resist.  Just the way I like it.

Tons of great photos from the show.  I’m posting a few here.

For the benefit of Art Conspiracy There will be a show Saturday at The Shops at Legacy The tech artists will all be there Roger Belveal, Desmond Blair, what a scene See paint and metal, lights, and canvas, course concrete and sculpture made from real fire In this way virtual themes enter the world

The celebrated MyPhoneHenge at Vivify on Saturday at Bishop Road Therapeutic Smile will sing with Anna Thomas following, don’t be late Sponsor Thirsty Canvas assures the public This production will be second to none And of course there’s a bar there’s a bar

The band begins at five o-clock But come at noon to browse the art without a sound. The art for sale will demonstrate and ArtCon will appreciate the purchase round. Having been some days in preparation A splendid time is guaranteed for all And tonight Mr. B’s are topping the bill

(If this seems weird try some background music)


Get Ready for “MyPhoneHenge”

Video on YouTube

As our culture speeds headlong in this digital age, the slick aesthetic has reached toxic levels.  This overdose of untouchable virtual brings with it a kind of sensory deficit.  As much as we love the capabilities that the digital world brings, there is emerging with it a craving for the unabashedly earthy and rugged to soothe the senses.

Even as we celebrate the amazing community formed by these ubiquitous technologies on a purely human level, that same human sense of self strives to bring it all out from behind the glass and into the world we know.

My Favorite Machine is a celebration of the endearing nature of technology and design.  In its presentation is a dichotomy; it both esteems and irreverently parodies the machines that are in our lives, past and present.  Its sequel, MyPhoneHenge, promises to do the same on an even grander scale. MyPhoneHenge reaches even further into the past and across mediums and motifs, challenging the senses and stretching definitions of what constitutes Art about Technology.  It celebrates community and the multiplicity of people and things converging into one time and space, simultaneously virtual and physical.

Seven foot tall smart phones made of unlikely materials, filled with interactive media displays, shakes the tree of visual contrasts.  Like the previous art, the bold visual parody grabs audience attention while the combination of polish and necessary roughness intrigues the senses and rich conceptual irony engages the intellect.  Whimsy and tongue in cheek humor is throughout, along with the plain and serious (every comedian needs a straight man).  It’s deliberately rough and duplicitous.  That to me makes it interesting and fun.

MyPhonehenge, as the name implies is a circle of monoliths, each a smartphone abstracted into an individual statement about technology, design, history, and the interaction of people to machines and people to people.  Like its names sake, it is a dichotomy of mystery and blunt straightforwardness.

The materials and style begin with my own sculptural motif of negative and positive spaces rendered in ordinary steel and concrete.  This is expanded to include electronics and various types of media integrated without concession to fashion etiquette.  Use of industrial materials in their native form pushes this bold statement even further and connects the dots in time with elements of prehistoric, industrial, and digital ages.  Transitions make no apology and rules are created and then broken as readily as in a jazz melody.

The shape defines not just a form, but a space.  The audience can inhabit the space around and between the monoliths, and this is as much a part of the piece as the substance and media.  The audience interacting in this space, freely touching objects and actually driving the media, is part of the art.

The BIG(D)ESIGN Conference has been an awesome cheerleader and a wonderful host providing me with the perfect venue to share these tech art concepts.  My Favorite machine was a huge hit and I was invited back to do the sequel.  Help me give them another art center piece to knock their socks off.  Help me make this art which I believe speaks volumes about technology’s impact on contemporary culture.

For those that see the beauty and fun in these contrasts, I invite you to help me bring this vision into being.

– roger