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Sparcline for IPhone 6 and 6+ Available Now!


MySparcline  design is a  Responsive to work with IPhone 6, 6+, or virtually any smart phone or tablet, with or without a case.


Actually, I worked really hard to make these things Apple-screw proof.  i got burned once by incorporating a power cord in a previous design – Then they changed the connector!   These babies will work great on smart phones and tablets of virtually any size and brand.


– roger

Acetylene into creativity

Here’s a welding quiz: When the Acetylene is gone from the tank, what is left that is important to remember when you go to replace it? (Answer is at the end of this article)

Seeing that the needle on the Acetylene tank gage was leaning low to the left, I figured I’d better get up to see my friends at Ferguson Gas and Welding supply here in Frisco.  It’s a family owned business right in the old part of town.  It’s nice to take a break from suburbia and big chain stores and have some home town style service by real people. I won’t say its Floyds barber shop, but it does remind me of the professional shops  in my home town in Oregon  I used to go with my Dad when I was a kid.  Guys who do what they do for a living, not just a temporary job.

On this Saturday, I got to meet Nick Ferguson who was running the store.   A little conversation and we quickly discovered we have in common the sense of excitement in response to the smell of burnt metal.  It means something cool is being created, something powerful, something awesome.  Sitting on the corner of the workbench of my dad’s welding shop in Oregon when I was a toddler, I got to see useful and magical exciting things take shape from pieces of steel welded together.   That makes welders some of MyFavoritemachines.

These days the exciting things happen in a digital world that didn’t exist in those days.  Still, I haven’t lost my love for metal, flames, and sparks.  To me it is so very similar in fact that it is no wonder that I blend expressions of both in my art.  It’s all creative, useful, innovatiove, and exciting.

So take some inspiration in this, and if you ever do need welding supplies, stop by to see the guys at Ferguson Gas.  Maybe just to just look around the shop at all the cool welding stuff.  This is real stuff, no virtual downloads, no cloud, no 404 messages.  I’m talking real hard hardware.  You can call them apps if you want to, but the software, the programming, the intelligence, is you.

I left Nick with a memento of appreciation, a MyPhoneStone, second from the left in this photo. If you stop in the Lewisville location, you might get to see it in person.

Its got a real adjustable wrench embeded in it so he could almost use it for tightening or loosening regulators. Righty tighty lefty loosy, except of course…(read quiz below)

–          roger


Welding quiz Question: When the Acetylene is gone from the tank, what is left that is important to remember when replacing it?

Answer:  The threads on the regulator are left.  When you disconnect the regulator from the tank, remember that the threads are left-handed.  This is for safety sake to help keep from connecting the tanks incorrectly. Forget this and you’ll be tightening instead of loosening.

Roughly More Minimalism

It occurred to me that MyPhoneStone that has a plug for an IPhone didn’t necessarily need a surface to lean against. So, I went for a little more low profile look. What d’ya think?

Like the others, it still has the deliberately rough aesthetic. That probably won’t change for a while, though someday you might be surprised that I do have a taste for extreme minimalism too. Just not yet, Not now. I am still pretty much in the anti-slick rebellion and there is so much to say and do with it.

What you are likely to see is a migration from the utterly rough to an intense industrial motif that is only slightly rough just by way of materials and manufacturing methods.  That’s not the same as the very rough, some say “crude”, finish that I have been doing, but it is still a strong contrast to the slick glass and brushed titanium electronic motif.

At some point you may see me launch an actual product, I mean using mass production methods and all.  Then you should expect me to aim for a minimalist and highly functional design, one that aesthetically offers some contemplative novelty.  It won’t be a rebeelion against the slick, but perhaps may still poke fun at the seriousness of the electronic aesthetic.  I will aim for a rich design, yet the celebration of endless deliberate and random variation of the unique works of art that is these pieces, will of course be impossible unless, ……  Hmmm. that gives me an idea…..

If you are still reading this, I am impressed.

–       roger