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McKinney WERX, My favorite venue so far!


This place is a must-see.  Even if you have seen my TechXpressionist art before.  Even if you don’t like TechXpressionism, you have got to see this building.   It’s an old cotton mill from over a century ago.

Rustic doesn’t begin to explain this setting.  Authentic is a more suitable caliber word.   I’m not sure i can even explain it.   There is just something about this place that grabs the heart, the soul.  And the mind is inspired to create.  Creating things.  WERX.  That what it’s about.

Check it out.  Come by and say hi.  MicKinney WERX has a coffee hour every Thursday morning.  Say hi to Christine.  she’ll show you around.

– roger


Sparcline for IPhone 6 and 6+ Available Now!


MySparcline  design is a  Responsive to work with IPhone 6, 6+, or virtually any smart phone or tablet, with or without a case.


Actually, I worked really hard to make these things Apple-screw proof.  i got burned once by incorporating a power cord in a previous design – Then they changed the connector!   These babies will work great on smart phones and tablets of virtually any size and brand.


– roger

Edges & Intersections; A Blast!


The “Edges and Intersections” launch party happened last weekend in the TechWildcatters headquarters, which is housed in an old historic church building in the Dallas uptown area.  TechWildcatters, a technology startup incubator in the Dallas area, hosting the event meant there were sure to be plenty of geeks and entrepreneurs in the crowd.  This unique space filed to the brim with great art brought in the pure art lovers as well.  The two combined meant people like me who cross all those boundaries couldn’t stay away.


Great time had by all.  Art sold, musicians played, old friends mingled, new friends made.  Ideas bounced around like sounds in an echo chamber.  The rafters range with notions of electronic genius as provocative images of technology and visual splendor brought the people in the door and kept them for the whole evening.  Of course , tasty food and drink also keep people in the house.





DSC_0180 DSC_0166



Marking the entry way were my Tech-expressionist sculptures; six foot tall rugged steel and concrete renditions of smart phones.  These iconic images have been called the mascot of mobile design around the Dallas tech design community, being a center piece in show after show celebrating technology and innovation.


Of course the rest of the show was spectacular too. Paintings of all styles filling two floors and a launch pad of robotics copters taking flight multiple times throughout the evening.

Can’t wait to do it again soon!