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Introducing: MyPhoneStone

Here they are!   The first of their kind.  The first of the series of MyPhoneStone

MyPhoneStone – The 99 Crush!  Totally smart and desirable!  Art for your actual desktop!   If your smart phone design is so slim and trim it can’t stand itself, then it could certainly stand having one of these. Each piece is a unique work by the artist, signed and numbered. Glorious rugged shapes in steel and concrete contrasted to the sleek smart phone resting in a convenient position for viewing. Or use it for cards or photos. Wait! That can’t be art! It’s too useful! The secret’s out – I’m also a designer. And I can do both at the same time!  Think smart companion. Think 99.   Roughly Irresistible!

– roger

More photos of MyPhoneStone:

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