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MyPhoneHenge at BIG(D)ESIGN

Thank you to BIG(D)ESIGN 2012 for once again being a marvelous host to my art.  What a great crowd and venue for my brand of “Tech-Expressionist” Sculpture.  And thank you to all my Kickstarter supporters.  Bless You!!  It certainly eases the pain of birthing such a large hulk of metallic media innovation.

Following Big D, this work is going to the Gravity Centre Dallas to adorn the space of creatives. Now, I’ll be looking for others who would like something like this or MyFavoriteMachine to inhabit their offices.  Its an awesome conversation-starter, especially if your business is design-related, really especially if it is about mobile design!

– roger

More photos below. You can also see these as a Slideshow on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/belveal/sets/72157629935295106/show/


Hey! I got to First Base! Safe!

A little pun fun.  But really, this is an important step.

I had to make sure that the base structure was solid and secure to be safe. –  And it is!
I also had to make it easy to set up in a hurry – like for a conference –  And it is.
I also thought it would be nice for it to have interchangeable parts. – And it does!
Above all, it has to be visually interesting, in fact downright compelling.  Otherwise what’s the point? This is art, right?  I find it pretty striking.  A big orange plastic Industrial pallet, chopped off in the back in a jagged semi-circular shape to blend with the circular arrangement of this unit with its peers (of various colors, btw).  A chunk of concrete joining it to the 6 ft smart phone frame into which I will place interesting objects.

Industrial?  Yes!  – Techy?  Of course!  – Primitive?  Deliciously primitive!

Having neither the help of ancient Druids nor a permanent location in which to sink giant stones, I had to invent an alternative means for securing the base of these monoliths.

Raised bolts mount the frame onto the concrete – Tilt is totally adjustable by via the four locknuts – A secret learned working as an eletrician’s apprentice back in my college days.  That’s how we set lamp posts into the ground to ensure their stragihtness.

heard about this guy who built a giant smart phone in his living room.  Oh yeah, that was me!

 What’s that?  A petroglyph? What’s that guy saying about the cow he’s chasing?

– roger

Gravity Centre IPhone Workshop: Perfect Venue for My Favorite Machine!

The Gravity Centre will be hosting a 3-day iPhone Developers workshop February 15-17th. In this hands on workshop, you’ll learn how to sketch, develop, test and deploy an iOS application. Register and receive $200 off.

Bring Your Mobile App Idea to Life

The Gravity Centre has been a favorite showcase place for “My Favorite Machine”.  it is there right now to serve as a mascott for this crowd of IPhone enthusiasts.  It will be fun!  Photo of PodCasts being filmed wit hMFM backdrop.


“Wow, the response from the Gravity Centre residents and people from the AT&T Foundry when they see My Favorite Machine has been awesome. We are truly honored to be showcasing your piece here at the Gravity Centre.” – Jennifer Conley, Operations Manager at Gravity Centre

– roger