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Dallas Indie Festival Icons

Dallas Indie Festival Opening

Dallas Indie Festival Opened last evening. I was pleased that my TechXpressionist sculpture pieces were enlisted to provide an iconic representation of the mixing art, tech, film & media production. Creative endeavors across all media is what Indie is about. Crossing boundaries is what TechXpressionist art is about, blending experiences of the digital world with the physical one.

For me, It’s pure fun having such a diverse audience to interact with my work and to get to collaborate with such a range of creatively talented people.

The Festival runs through Sunday at the Both House Theater at White Rock Lake


– roger

In the Spotlight at the Dallas Indie Festival

Belveal Tech-Expressionist Art is getting the heavy spotlight from the press coverage of the Dallas Indie festival. http://www.whiterocklakeweekly.com/view/full_story/25244361/article-Bath-House-to-host-Dallas-Indie-Festival

The Producer is planning to introduce me and talk about my art at the introduction to the film festival.  I am being treated as the icon for the blending of art, technology, and media, which is a primary theme of the event.   naturally, I’m pretty pleased to get to cross those boundaries and have a new mix of an audience view and respond to my work.

You all are invited!

– roger