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…with glasses

What mobile means is an ever-growing list.

Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End – NYTimes

Boy, more flashbacks to CHI 92. In those days there were these geeks that showed up at conferences with purple and orange hair and wearable computers with these heads up displays.  The mystique of this cyborg species was far greater than the genuine impact.  The reality was that such computers were so very lame in those days that the usefulness of being assimilated into the Borg was pretty much nil.

Today, on the other hand, ordinary human beings have become assimilated in the mobile world – or maybe rather they have assimilated it into their own world (hmmm. maybe that difference is part of the key to success?).  The glasses at this time seem like a normal step.

Purple and Orange hair is optional.

– roger

The Digital World and its Platform

Just because we live in the digital world doesn’t mean that we no longer live in the other one.  I’m pondering the subject matter of the art that I am producing for BIG(D)ESIGN 2012.  This sequel to the art centerpiece I created for BIG(D)ESIGN 2011 is a big undertaking for one artist, not just in terms of the scale, but also the complexity of form, function, and theme.

Like its predecessor, the art for BigD12 connects a whole lotta dots from many different places on multiple levels and dimensions, quite literally.  So, bringing it all together is going to take a substantial amount of time, energy, and thought.  Now that I have this blogsite, you are likely to see my musings here as I think through some of these concepts and challenges.  This is like a window into the mind of the geek art guy.  Are you scared yet?

I began with the big picture of what I wanted to say that expands on the My Favorite Machine theme and images.  I’m not ready to give it all away here yet, though some of my friends and colleagues have heard me talking about it.  I’m not really much of a secret-keeper.  Let me just summarize the concept in one key word – “Community”.

Like before, there are other sub-themes.  And the one that I am fixating on at the moment as I work out some of the technical and structural challenges, is related to my opening sentence.  We live in a physical world that integrates the digital world into it.  As individuals and as a culture we have to reconcile these daily. There is no all one or the other.  And part of this process is acknowledging the layer upon layer of culture, civilization, and technology that has served as the foundation and many tiered platform leading up to and supporting this digital world that seems to be our primary focus today, certainly at least for the audience attending the BIG(D)ESIGN 2012.

That notion of multiple tiers of civilization and technology will be reflected in the art in a really extroverted manner.  When you see it, you will understand what I am talking about, I’m pretty sure!  This is but one of several sub-themes you’ll be hearing about from me as I work through this stuff.   More later.  ; )

– roger