Skeumorphism or Just Reality?

When the artistic mimicry becomes the original.

What if we made big icons of steel that resembled little icons in a smart device? – except that instead of containing images resembling real objects metaphorically, we just go ahead and include the real object in the icon?  What would you even call that?

Sometimes the facsimile becomes its own thing, sometimes more powerful than the original.  If the original is itself  an allusion to another object, the door is wide open for the new parody to  skip a level and allude to (or actually include) the true original.  In this instance, is it still a metaphor?

It is the nature of a metaphor to intentionally blur the line between the truth and analogy. It is a deliberate challenge to the audience’s sense of what is reality and what is just an idea.

Blurring the lines between analogy and reality, between virtual and physical, technological and inert, rendering digital themes in heavy industrial forms;  playing games with dichotomies of our culture and poking fun at conventions.  I call it Tech-Expressionsism.  And its what I do for fun.

– roger

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