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McKinney WERX, My favorite venue so far!


This place is a must-see.  Even if you have seen my TechXpressionist art before.  Even if you don’t like TechXpressionism, you have got to see this building.   It’s an old cotton mill from over a century ago.

Rustic doesn’t begin to explain this setting.  Authentic is a more suitable caliber word.   I’m not sure i can even explain it.   There is just something about this place that grabs the heart, the soul.  And the mind is inspired to create.  Creating things.  WERX.  That what it’s about.

Check it out.  Come by and say hi.  MicKinney WERX has a coffee hour every Thursday morning.  Say hi to Christine.  she’ll show you around.

– roger


Sculptechular Show in Frisco is a Hit! Wrapping up the large pieces this week


A great time at the show.   A new audience became acquainted with TechXpressionism and i was asked to be on the panel  of selected artist talking about their work.  Wonderful time sharing thoughts with these talented individuals.


My mention of our digital culture becoming sensory deprived in terms of physical interaction  seemed to strike chord with everyone.  We are all geeks these days.  It’s fun when those images come out from behind the glass and into our real space.


The show runs just a few more days.  See


One of my favorite pieces from the show.   i love the mix of tech and painterly textures.   And it is quite a clever use of a junction box.   I learned this was not actually in the show, but is part of the permanent exhibit at the Frisco Arts Center.

– roger

Showing at Dallas Indie Festival June 19-22

I’ll be showing art at the upcoming Dallas Indie Festival happening at White Rock Lake in North Dallas. A beautiful location!

White Rock Lake, Location of Dallas Indie Festival 2014

Dallas Indie Festival
Thursday, June 19th-Sunday, June 22nd, 2014
Bath House Cultural Center
521 E. Lawther Dr.
Dallas, TX 75218
More info at I Live in Dallas or Dallas Indie Festival

Edges and Intersections @Tech Wildcatters
Edges and Intersections @Tech Wildcatters

I’ll have some large pieces in prominent places at the film festival. I’ll also have some art of various sizes setup for sale. Look for me near the lake.  I’ll have plenty of MySparcLine on hand. Come and pick out the one that is you. See you there!


– roger

Topping the Bill at Legacy Show

For the benefit of Art Conspiracy
There will be a show Saturday at The Shops at Legacy
The tech artists will all be there
Roger Belveal, Desmond Blair, what a scene
See paint and metal, lights, and canvas,
course concrete and sculpture made from real fire
In this way virtual themes enter the world

The celebrated MyPhoneHenge
at Vivify on Saturday at Bishop Road
Therapeutic Smile will sing
with Anna Thomas following, don’t be late
Sponsor Thirsty Canvas assures the public
This production will be second to none
And of course there’s a bar there’s a bar

The band begins at five o-clock
But come at noon to browse the art without a sound.
The art for sale will demonstrate
and ArtCon will appreciate the purchase round.
Having been some days in preparation
A splendid time is guaranteed for all
And tonight Mr. B’s are topping the bill

(If this seems weird try some background music)

MyPhonehenge will be the central feature in the show benefiting Art Conspiracy.
Location: Vivify Health Headquarters, Shops at Legacy, 7201 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX
Opening: September 14, 2013

Facebook page for this event

Flickr Slideshow of MyPhoneHenge