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My Favorite Machine 2011 -2012

Thanks everyone whose enthusiasm has made “My Favorite Machine” such a huge hit.  The art, produced initially for the BIG(D)ESIGN 2011 conference, has enjoyed a nice tour since then, being showcased in several different venues, each one a great location with wonderful audience attention.  It’s been a blast getting to see the positive responses from different audiences. Follow the list of links below to photos and videos from many of these events and venues.

You+Plus Dallas Video spot of the BIG(D)ESIGN 2011Conference

Fort Worth ArtsGoggle Video

World usability Day Video (of stills)

This multidimensional art piece celebrates the affection people have for a favorite object that serves them well and is particularly well designed.  Of course, this is the Holy Grail for designers who aim to hit that sweet spot of making something that users love.  I know it is for me anyway, being a software user interface designer myself for 20+ years. To get the whole run down on the thinking behind the art, check out my article on the BigDesign site.

Or for the movie see the video of my interview at BigD11

The MFM Sequel!

Now its 2012 and BIG(D)ESIGN 2012 planning has been underway for some time.  It’s going to be a great conference, BIGGER and better than ever.  And I am especially excited to be invited back to again create the Art centerpiece!  And the art concept this time is going to be even more spectacular than before.  In fact, I am very confident that you’re going love it!  Bringing it to you is going to be a blast! More on this in coming blog entries!

– roger