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Topping the Bill at Legacy Show

For the benefit of Art Conspiracy
There will be a show Saturday at The Shops at Legacy
The tech artists will all be there
Roger Belveal, Desmond Blair, what a scene
See paint and metal, lights, and canvas,
course concrete and sculpture made from real fire
In this way virtual themes enter the world

The celebrated MyPhoneHenge
at Vivify on Saturday at Bishop Road
Therapeutic Smile will sing
with Anna Thomas following, don’t be late
Sponsor Thirsty Canvas assures the public
This production will be second to none
And of course there’s a bar there’s a bar

The band begins at five o-clock
But come at noon to browse the art without a sound.
The art for sale will demonstrate
and ArtCon will appreciate the purchase round.
Having been some days in preparation
A splendid time is guaranteed for all
And tonight Mr. B’s are topping the bill

(If this seems weird try some background music)

MyPhonehenge will be the central feature in the show benefiting Art Conspiracy.
Location: Vivify Health Headquarters, Shops at Legacy, 7201 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX
Opening: September 14, 2013

Facebook page for this event

Flickr Slideshow of MyPhoneHenge



Linn Gear

These are some special pieces I made for my friends at Linn Gear. I truly mean it when I say friends.  This business is in my home town of Lebanon, Oregon.  It is where many of my friends’ fathers went to work back in the day when we were growing up.  And now, many of my high school friends have made their careers with Linn Gear, raising their families and making quality custom gears year after year decade after decade.  For quality American manufacturing, Linn Gear is the real deal.

PS – Don’t expect the rough and artsy distressed look on anything coming directly from Linn Gear. That’s all me. They make only crystal clean precision machined parts.

– roger

Geek Iconic MyPhoneStone

So is this MyPhoneStone on steroids? Ouch, sore subject these days.  Coincidentally, the first of these pieces go to a bicyclist friend of mine from Texas.  No, not who you’re thinking of.  This Guy is also a motorcyclist and techy UX design geek,  AND one of my Kickstarter supporters.  Remember Kickstarter?  Yes, I am still diligently fulfilling my promises and most of them are met. And here’s one more.  And this one is cool!

I like it when I get excited about something I’ve created.  Trust me; it doesn’t always happen on the first try.  Much sweat and bruises and burns and ideas tried and tweaked and tried again until it gets to the cool.  I’ve got an abrasion from the wire brush wheel to prove it!

Making things that have function almost makes this into work.  But rest assured, though these are functional, they are ART first.  And that is what makes this fun.  Art + geeky tech stuff has to be fun!  Isn’t that one of the laws of thermodynamics?

Practical minded thrifty people – If you just want a thing to set your phone on, I’m sure Radio Shack has something just right for you. And be sure to show your card for your free battery.  Hmmm, do they still do that?  BestBuy has a whole freaking aisle or two of plastic gizmos and stands for your smartphone.  And you can borrow my Reward Zone card!  This is not that.

What this is? Remember when you went to see the Eiffel Tower or the empire State Building, or Statue of Liberty, or some other big thing?  Anyway, remember as you were leaving, you forked over a twenty for some plastic or tinny molded mini-me of the thing to commemorate your visit?   This is more like that.  To those who attended BIG(D)ESIGN either of the past two years and saw MyPhoneHenge or MyFavoriteMachine up close in person, owning a MyPhoneStone is like the mini-Eiffel tower experience except for one very important difference.  We are pretty certain that cute little tower you brought home from France was not actually made by Mr. Eiffel himself. Get it?

Every one of these MyPhoneStones is unique art, signed by the artist, numbered, and photo-documented.  No two are identical (How boring would that be?) The supply is limited to until I get too caught up doing other kinds of art to spend time on these.  And know that I have LOTS of other even more fantastic ideas in mind!  So here’s a tip – don’t count on there being an endless supply of original MyPhoneStones.

In case you still don’t quite get it (I’m sure you do, I just want an excuse to talk more about it) the motif blends the tall monolithic image of the large scale art with the icons that were contain in each one. Remember those icons made from real world objects that were intended to make fun of the metaphorical iconography of virtual devices? Its “physical virtual, low tech rendering of high tech subject matter, ironic, iconic art“.  I know, it seems I am having way too much fun with this!

Imagine making your own little arrangement of MyPhoneHenge using real phones!  They also work great for the classic iPod and totally killer for showing off your business cards!   And please please whatever you do, have fun!

– roger

The Amazing Zuriel Merek

If you missed movie night at BIG(D)ESIGN 2012, then here is a small sampling (literally) of what else you missed.  Electric violinist, Zuriel Merek, local rising talent from Fort Worth captivated us with his amazingly innovative and downright gorgeous compositions. you’ve never heard anything quite like it.

Zuriel is working on his first album – to be released soon. I can’t wait!  Fortunately I was able to capture a few pieces of his performance on video, albeit ordinary audio recording of an extraordinary artist.  I’ll have to be satisfied with this until the studio recording is avaliable.  Follow Zuriel Merek at

– roger