Sculptor to the Tech Design Community

Roger Belveal is both metal sculptor and designer of user experiences for technology.  He is the husband of Mary and the father of four ‘successfully launched’ adults: Josiah, Holly, Noah, and Renee.

He was born in Sweet Home, Oregon: a small logging and farming town in the picturesque Willamette Valley. His father had a welding business for a short time when Roger was nine years old, and this was enough exposure to develop a love for the smell of burnt metal and the creativity that can go with it. He studied art and design and earned a BFA in Industrial design from the University of Washington. He had many mentors along the way, including Robert Edward Graves, who taught an appreciation for the human figure represented in simple gesture sketches. Roger took this splendid art form and applied it into 3D sketches in steel- the basis for his individual sculpture style.

After inventing this unique form of metal sculpture, which he describes as a ‘3D figure sketch’, Roger spent many years designing great user experiences in digital technology. Studying how people respond to particular designs (as well as conducting hundreds of usability tests) has given Roger an uncanny sensitivity to the connection between people and technology. This understanding and sensitivity is what inspired the major art piece, ‘MyFavoriteMachine’.

“To create the next 65 Mustang, the next IPhone, the next iconic object that transcends its niche and becomes a part of the human experience to become a ‘favorite machine’, this is the holy grail of achievement for designers. To understand what makes an ordinary object so endearing and to celebrate that phenomenon, this is what my art is about.” – Roger Belveal

“Creating experiences that cross traditional boundaries of art and functional design, virtual and actual, minimalism and expressionism; this is fun!”- Roger Belveal

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Roger Belveal is a seasoned user expereince (UX) designer with twenty years in the profession. Half of that with Boeing in Seattle designing user experiences for building and maintaining airplanes.  There he helped build the first Boeing usability lab and led a team of design consultants supporting a wide array of applications, on line publishing to and advanced 3D visualization.  The next ten years Belveal spent in financial services as usability design consultant for CRM call center applications, eCommerce systems and leading business process engineering. Presently, he is a Principal Experience Designer for Intuit.

Fusion of worlds
It’s all a journey in the interplay of Technology and Art united by human factors principles.  It’s a serious exploration and also a fun adventure.  Having now become 3D Artist to the Tech/UX Design commmunity is even more fun!

– roger


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