How to Hire a Great UX Designer

In the midst of the awakening that is happening over the criticality of a quality user experience to product success and in some cases, survival, I’ve seen increasing discussions on line about how to find and keep the best UX design candidates. I think I can help.

Start by (this is going to sound like dating advice) being a good candidate yourself. Think about it. Great UX people are innovators and problem solvers. They are highly motivated by making someone’s experience better than it was before. If one comes to work for you, will you empower them to solve any problems? Will anyone’s experience be altered? Or will you ask for their input, smile and nod and go on with business as usual?

Why would a highly motivated UX designer want to hang around with you? If they offered you strategic design brilliance, would you recognize it? Or would you explain “that’s not what we do here”.

Of course, UX designers, like everyone else, like to be paid well for their expertise. But if you can’t tell the difference between mediocre, good, and excellent UX design direction, or execute on it, you might as well save your cash and hire from the discount bin. If the bottleneck to results is in the organization, the outcome will likely be about the same.

Remember what your mother said, if you want to have a good friend, be one.

– roger