My Fav Machine Pinterest Board

An installment in the “My Favorite Machine” series.

Since creating art “MyFavoriteMachine” celebrating the endearing nature of design, I have had the desire to collect images of objects / machines that exemplify that theme.  This collection could then become an interesting study on its own of the characteristics that seem to be common among endearing objects.

Nice idea, but a little time-consuming and tedious. Then Voila! Pinterst comes along!  It is the perfect medium made exactly for creating such collections.

Please visit my Pinterst board My Fav Machine Colection, browse through these images and see what you think.  Have fun.

Tools, toys, objects, that win our affection through great design or by serving an important need.  Sometimes, we just like them and we don’t know why. These are our “Favorite Machines”.

This is becoming an intersting study of what makes an object or machine endearing.  Robots and human-like androids are an obvious inclusion in this collection, personified objects a close second.  But what about the less overt?  And why are certain objects personified in steriotypical ways?  What are the intrinsic properties of an object that lead us to certain feelings that generate thos steriotypes?  What patterns do you see?

– roger