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An installment in the “My Favorite Machine” series.

Since creating the art title, “MyFavoriteMachine”, I have been collecting examples of various things that fall into that category. Pinterest, I have found to be a wonderful place to collect images of all sorts of favorite machines.

If you go to my Pinterest board titled MyFavoriteMachine you will see a nice variety of interesting machines, classic and contemporary, high tech, low tech, toys, transportation, other. You will probably also notice that there is a disproportionately high number of motorcycles. That is no coincidence.

The way motorcyclists feel about their bikes seems more often than not to transcend the “like” level toward a grander personal affection. Some of the reasons for this are probably obvious. A motorcycle more than other modes of transportation works as an extension of the rider in the way that it moves, like a bicycle, but coupled with the thrill of acceleration and speed.

Custom motorcycles add to that the personal expression as an art form. As a UX designer in technology, I can’t help but also see the parallels between custom motorcycles and User Interface design. They are both a hybrid of technology, performance ingenuity, human factors, and pure art form. The balance between minimalism and features actually produces a somewhat similar design approach.  I may talk about that more in another post.

For now, I just want to show some photos of UX designer, Guy Briggs and his Sportster. This bike is lightly customized for comfort and performance on long road trips.  Guy has a chopper also that I hope to include here as well, perhaps with some other bike images from other UX designers.

Notice the Sign 🙂

What’s your favorite machine?
Send me a link or photo and tell me what makes it so.  Maybe you’ll see it here or in my Pinterst collection of Favroite Machines.

– roger


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