MyPhoneHenge at BIG(D)ESIGN

Thank you to BIG(D)ESIGN 2012 for once again being a marvelous host to my art.  What a great crowd and venue for my brand of “Tech-Expressionist” Sculpture.  And thank you to all my Kickstarter supporters.  Bless You!!  It certainly eases the pain of birthing such a large hulk of metallic media innovation.

Following Big D, this work is going to the Gravity Centre Dallas to adorn the space of creatives. Now, I’ll be looking for others who would like something like this or MyFavoriteMachine to inhabit their offices.  Its an awesome conversation-starter, especially if your business is design-related, really especially if it is about mobile design!

– roger

More photos below. You can also see these as a Slideshow on Flickr