Gravity Centre IPhone Workshop: Perfect Venue for My Favorite Machine!

The Gravity Centre will be hosting a 3-day iPhone Developers workshop February 15-17th. In this hands on workshop, you’ll learn how to sketch, develop, test and deploy an iOS application. Register and receive $200 off.

Bring Your Mobile App Idea to Life

The Gravity Centre has been a favorite showcase place for “My Favorite Machine”.  it is there right now to serve as a mascott for this crowd of IPhone enthusiasts.  It will be fun!  Photo of PodCasts being filmed wit hMFM backdrop.


“Wow, the response from the Gravity Centre residents and people from the AT&T Foundry when they see My Favorite Machine has been awesome. We are truly honored to be showcasing your piece here at the Gravity Centre.” – Jennifer Conley, Operations Manager at Gravity Centre

– roger