Considering the dynamic nature of the online experience and the amount of interest that has emerged from my recent art that blends my sculpture work with my day job of designing great user experiences for business, it seemed incomprehensible that I could leave my art site as a static, seldom-changing, traditional gallery site. has served its purpose very well. I’ll be leaving it up just long enough to get the primary content up on this one, then and will be directed to this same place.

Besides, I have too much to say about art, design, business process, culture, and everything to not have a blog somewhere.  Facebook is fine, but insufficient.  Twitter is just a place to stick one’s head inside the door of a crowded room and suddenly shout something clever, then pop right back out again just as quickly leaving everyone to chuckle, say what?, or instantly follow you somewhere else.  And unless one has a somewhere else to lead them to, it almost makes one ask, what’s the Point?

So, now I have a place.  And as I move into it, and furnish it with thoughts and images, I hope you find a connection with something in it that you find inspiring and interesting.  I know I will.

–          roger